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We support families, we give "hope" for life!

We give hope to the future of Epirus!

We provide care to young mothers in 46 local communities of the Municipality of Zagori

One child at a time makes the difference! With this encouraging moto, the project manager of the Greek non-profit company HOPEgenesis concluded the presentation of the "Elpida Zois" (“Hope for Life”) program, at the Aspraggelon Municipal Unit of the Municipality of Zagori, on Saturday April the 16th, as part of the joint action with our company, in the combat against low birth rates in Epirus.

With great emotion and joy we collaborate with HOPEgenesis embracing Epirus and adopting 46 local communities of the Municipality of Zagori in order to support family making in the local communities. With "Elpida Zois" (“Hope for Life”) program, we take care of women, permanent residents of the Municipality of Zagori, who are already pregnant or wish to have children, bearing the full cost for their medical tests, eventual travels and delivery.

The demographic problem of the country is widely known and of course involves Epirus as well, home of Vikos company. Our place! According to the 2011 census and the official ELSTAT data, based on population, there should be 38 births per year in the Municipality of Zagori. Unfortunately, we have a continuous annual decrease, with only 6 births in 2019.

It is imperative to help revive local communities, which in turn will be the future of Epirus. "By approaching each village, each woman with respect, our goal is essentially to protect and enhance the development of the area, as the role of fertility is in a way the means for the development of society as a whole." Those are the words of Konstantinos Sepetas, Sales & Marketing Director of Vikos company, who so vividly described and expressed our position.

The event was attended by the Executive Regional Councilor of Epirus for Welfare, Social Cohesion, Solidarity and Volunteering Panagiota Mitrokosta, the Mayor of Zagori, Georgios Soukouvelos, the Mayor of Zitsa, Michalis Pliakos, as well as many other local bodies and interested couples.

With the hope that the "Elpida Zois" (“Hope for Life”) program will flourish, helping to bring many young children to life, giving them new hope for the development of Epirus, all of us at Vikos are here, standing next and together with young couples! To create the conditions, to develop new possibilities, to become involved in efforts that can lead to a better life and a sustainable future for the local communities and for our country by and large.