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Origin of Vikos natural mineral water

For over three decades, our water has been bottled directly from its namesake spring in the heart of Zagorochoria. It’s this very location that bestows our water with its distinct taste and unparalleled quality. Discover the entire journey of your water - from the clouds to the earth's depths, and then straight into your bottle.
Origin of Vikos

The spring in the Vikos gorge

It all begins in the protected NATURA zone, the stunning location where the majestic Vikos gorge stands. Within the gorge’s terrain, the water routes flowing between its sheer slopes give rise to Voidomatis, one of Europe's purest rivers, and its crystal-clear springs.

Vikos gorge

Nature’s filtration process

Originating from snow and rain, the water seeps deep into the earth, passing through ancient limestone formations that are millions of years old. During this journey, it's naturally filtered and infused with essential minerals and trace elements. Deep within this geological sanctuary, the water remains shielded from any surface activity and pollution.

origin of vikos natural mineral water
Our facilities

Our facilities

Thanks to our cutting-edge and automated bottling facilities, we ensure the utmost integrity of the water throughout the bottling process. Its brief journey, from the earth’s depths directly to the bottle, is facilitated using advanced technology and executed with the highest level of responsibility.

Our facilities

En route to you

Unaltered and subjected to rigorous checks at every bottling phase, the water's pristine quality and freshness are consistently upheld. Our meticulous packaging ensures the water's shielding, preserving its vital nutrients. As a result, the natural mineral water that reaches you remains as pure and authentic as ever.

vikos natural mineral water bottle
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At Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A., we are committed to bottling natural mineral water and producing products of the highest quality, while also promoting sustainability and supporting local communities. We take pride in our contribution to building a greener planet and in our dedication to local initiatives, that catalyze the improvement of the world around us.

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