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Our facilities

Explore our advanced facilities, where cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with strict quality standards.
vikos production facility

Innovative production and bottling process

Epirotic Bottling Company S.A., one of the biggest Greek companies, maintains state-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped factories for bottling natural mineral water and soft drinks. Our company constantly invests in the modernization of its facilities in order to maintain our products’ high quality and provide effective solutions to the market’s needs.

Vikos natural mineral water bottling factory

Perivleptos, Ioannina

Vikos natural mineral water bottling factory

Our facilities feature bottling and storage areas, as well as specialized offices for administrative services. The bottling, formulating and packaging zones are fully automated and seamlessly integrated to increase accuracy and efficiency.

This factory houses a contemporary laboratory that is fully equipped and supported by a highly skilled and specialized team. The laboratory performs rigorous, daily inspections at every stage of the bottling process, ensuring the highest quality of the final product.

55 acres

Of owned land, in which our building facilities span across 21.000 sq.m.

7 bottling lines

Sourced from 2 main water springs.

Refreshments bottling factory

Kalpaki, Ioannina

Refreshments bottling factory

Our second factory, situated on private property in Kalpaki, Ioannina, in which our natural mineral Vikos refreshments are bottled directly from the ZAGOROCHORIA spring.

Our beverages are available in pet, aluminum and glass packaging options.

The factory includes bottling, storage and office spaces, a modern laboratory, as well as automated bottling, formulating and packaging facilities.

105 acres

Including a 32,800 sq.m. total area of building facilities.

5 bottling lines

Sourced from 2 main water springs.

Bottle preforms and caps production factory

Industrial Area of Ioannina - PETCOM Plastics

Bottle preforms and caps production factory

The third factory was established in 1999 and it produces PET bottle preforms and caps. The facilities are equipped with cutting-edge "injection" machines in 2 production zones as well as precision molds, to ensure the superior quality of the final products.

The production process is fully automated and adapted to the highest hygiene standards. Our innovative, patented techniques enable the seamless processing of bottles, preforms of various dimensions, and closures that ensure optimal fit and absolute sealing.

22 acres

Including a 11.000 sq.m. total area of building facilities.

18 production lines

8 lines are dedicated to the caps and 10 lines to the bottle preforms.