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Vikos Natural Mineral Water

Vikos bottled natural mineral water is not only low in sodium, but also high in calcium. It’s spring water, naturally hydrating and untouched by any treatment or human intervention. Take a deep breath, a refreshing sip and reconnect with nature.
pet bottles natural mineral water


Natural mineral water in PET bottle

Our all-time classic, authentic and bendable bottle. The natural source of hydration in the most convenient package.

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Natural mineral water in glass bottle


Natural mineral water in glass bottle

Neat and elegant on the outside, while overflowing with pure freshness on the inside. Just like you.

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horeca bottled waters


Natural mineral water HO.RE.CA

Discover the harmonious combination of aesthetics and usability, reflected in a refined, distinctive design.

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sparkling natural mineral water bottle


Sparkling natural mineral water

Indulge in an intense experience and a superior taste, enhanced by the addition of carbon dioxide.

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10lt bottled water for water coolers


10lt bottled water for water coolers

Made of top-grade PET material, maintaining the water’s natural integrity. It is ideal for our coolers, at home or in the office.

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At Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A., we are committed to bottling natural mineral water and producing products of the highest quality, while also promoting sustainability and supporting local communities. We take pride in our contribution to building a greener planet and in our dedication to local initiatives, that catalyze the improvement of the world around us.

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