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Quality of Vikos natural mineral water

Maintaining the high quality of our water is more than just a goal - it's our daily commitment and accomplishment. Certified as safe to drink and crystal clear, Vikos natural mineral water provides natural refreshment with every sip.
Από την φύση στο μπουκάλι!

The best bottled natural mineral water

Drawn from the pristine sanctuary of a protected natural environment, Vikos water carries a legacy of purity. It's our duty to ensure that every drop retains its genuine taste, freshness, and unparalleled quality.

source of vikos drinking water

“Vikos” underground spring

The Vikos spring, nestled within the NATURA protected region of Zagorochoria, was selected after research. Our choice was influenced by the quality and taste of its water, as well as its abundant aquifer, enriched by consistent rainfall and snow.

Check out the spring
Προστασία πηγής

The natural filtering process

Our spring water undergoes natural filtration, journeying through millennia of limestone rock. In this process, it gathers beneficial minerals and trace elements, resulting in its impeccable quality. This makes our water not only delicious and refreshing but also a prime natural source of hydration.

drinking water spring at zagorochoria

Spring’s natural protection

Shielded from harmful influences, the water maintains its distinct composition. Its underground residence, coupled with an impenetrable layer of shale on top, offers a natural defense against both environmental and human-induced contamination.

Trace the water’s origin
Διατήρηση της φυσικής ποιότητας του νερού

Maintaining the water’s quality

We preserve the water's natural composition by bottling it directly from the spring. Using state-of-the-art automated equipment and high hygiene standards, we bottle the spring water without any processing. The outcome? Water precisely as nature intended - pure, clean, and deeply hydrating.

Key features

vikos natural mineral water bottle

Rich in trace elements and minerals.

Vikos natural mineral water contains essential minerals and trace elements, like calcium and magnesium, which are vital for the body's optimal functioning.

Suitable for a low sodium diet

Suitable for a wide range of individuals, Vikos natural mineral water aligns with the contemporary health trend for reduced salt intake.

With low salt content

Vikos natural mineral water strikes the perfect balance: it has a low salt content, yet contains sufficient calcium to gain a distinctively pleasant taste.

ISO certifications

Ensuring the outstanding quality of our natural mineral water is our topmost priority at Vikos Company. From the bottling stage to consumption, we employ strict quality control systems and meticulously choose our packaging materials. Our water undergoes constant monitoring and rigorous testing during the bottling process, resulting in consistent excellence. Our dedication to quality hasn't gone unnoticed; Lloyd's Register has acknowledged our efforts by certifying the quality assurance systems we have developed and put into practice.

Chemical analysis