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Sustainable practices

At Epirotic Bottling Company S.A., we believe that sustainability is not only about protecting the environment, but also about creating an eco-conscious lifestyle. Our commitment to sustainable practices is rooted in our deep gratitude for our planet’s invaluable gifts, as well as in our desire to preserve its bounty for generations to come.
Δράσεις βιωσιμότητας


We help reduce plastic waste with our 100% recyclable packaging.

sustainable packaging vikos water


We invest in tackling pollution and saving energy and natural resources.

bottle recycling vikos water
Carbon print

Carbon Footprint

We are committed to our goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Our progress to date


Investing in recycling bin infrastructure


Decrease of Co2 emissions compared to 2019


Provided for societal causes


Trees planted through our contributions


Decrease in energy usage


Units of blood collected from corporate voluntary donations

ISO certifications

Ensuring the outstanding quality of our natural mineral water is our topmost priority at Vikos Company. From the bottling stage to consumption, we employ strict quality control systems and meticulously choose our packaging materials. Our water undergoes constant monitoring and rigorous testing during the bottling process, resulting in consistent excellence. Our dedication to quality hasn't gone unnoticed; Lloyd's Register has acknowledged our efforts by certifying the quality assurance systems we have developed and put into practice.