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Vikos water coolers

At Epirotic Bottling Company S.A., our dedication to high-quality products is evident in our pairing of natural mineral water with our coolers. Superior in quality and nutrition to conventional table water, our mineral water truly stands out. It is sourced from underground, thus naturally rich in valuable trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium
design vikos water cooler

Cooler HC66L

Floor-standing water cooler HC66L (Inox)

A sophisticated design that harmonizes with any office or home setting.

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water cooler with natural mineral water

Cooler YL1674T

Table water cooler YL1674T (Inox)

The absolute synergy of elegance and functionality, featuring a compact design.

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vikos water cooler

Cooler HC16T

Table water cooler HC16T

White, practical and generous in its capacity.

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