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Uninterrupted flow, our care for the environment

Αδιάκοπη ροή, η φροντίδα μας για το περιβάλλον

Environmental policy in practice: Tree planting, cleaning, educational programs, sustainable bottling practices, zero carbon production.

Water is our alter ego. Nature is embedded in our identity.

For thirty years now, we have been flowing naturally together, we feel the inextricable connection we have as people and as a company with water and the environment, and we learn every day from the wisdom of nature. She leads us to our next steps, and we try to repay her at every opportunity.

The strategic synergies with specialized organizations such as we4all and Acheron Actions, the utilization of modern technology and the integrated investments in reducing our environmental footprint, create an uninterrupted and robust flow of actions covering a wide range of sustainable environmental policies: Tree planting, river and coast cleanups, environmental educational programs for children, sustainable bottling practices and zero carbon production using renewable energy sources.

More specifically, so far, our actions involve:

-From 1996, continuous tree planting in the place where we live and work

-Three tree planting actions in Anavyssos and Northern Evia of 3,000 trees

-A nationwide information and awareness campaign aimed at voluntary tree planting and resulting in over 30,000 new trees throughout Greece

-The six-month cleaning and awareness-raising initiative, "Crystal Seas", which started from the banks of the Acheron River and expanded eventually to about twenty beaches of Epirus

-The educational environmental program for children "Green Future" with emphasis on recycling – the first ten public schools in Attica are already scheduled while the aim is to reach a total number of thirty.

-Cooperation with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation, the most important recycler of packaging materials in our country.


Αδιάκοπη ροή, η φροντίδα μας για το περιβάλλον

We have also adopted best practices, i.e. gradual reduction of the weight of bottles and caps, use of 100% recyclable PET bottles, easily squeezable bottles to reduce the volume of waste, and 30% r-PET bottles being in production.

For the management and protection of the environment, we have developed and implemented quality assurance systems thanks to which we are certified by Lloyd's Register, the globally acclaimed and independent accreditation body.

All the production and bottling plants of our company as well as the large logistic centers are certified to use electricity from renewable energy sources. The new, state-of-the-art industrial plant to launch operations soon at Kalpaki in the Municipality of Pogoni, is also designed according to specifications that meet the Principles of Sustainability.

We signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Municipality of Ioannina to support the candidacy of the city of Ioannina in the European program "100 Energy Neutral and Smart Cities" and we are actively involved in sustainable development initiatives and the provision of information on natural energy sources.

We recognize that it is up to us to take care of and preserve the natural wealth that surrounds us and generously - but not inexhaustibly - offers us the most precious assets on our planet. That is why we assume responsibility for every initiative for the environment and the well-being of society, we raise awareness and join forces with all those who wish to act together with us.