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Earth Day: Northern Evia takes a deep breath

April 2023
Ημέρα της Γης: Η Βόρεια Εύβοια παίρνει βαθιά ανάσα

Celebrating Earth Day with 1,000 new fruit trees!

This year we celebrated Earth Day, marking 30 years of caring for nature. Since 1996 we have contributed to the planting of 10,000 trees, traveling with our actions throughout Greece.

This time, we joined forces once again with the non-profit environmental organization we4all, planting for the second consecutive year 1,000 fruit trees in the communities of Northern Evia affected by the devastating fires of 2021.

As part of "The V-oikos of our lives" actions and initiatives the two groups gave an important breath to the area by planting fruitful trees – agricultural plants, olive trees, almond trees and vineyards among others – filling with joy and hope the local residents of the communities of Kotsikia and Rovies, who lost a significant part of their livelihood and income.

The locals welcomed enthusiastically this voluntary action, which was, as they commented, a message of optimism for the recovery of nature of Northern Evia and a valuable legacy for future generations.

"Where it used to be a paradise, a lush landscape full of flowers, pines, olive trees, all kinds of plants, everything turned black after the catastrophic fire of 2021 as far as the eye can see" says Thodoris Keris, President of the Local Community of Rovies in Evia. "An estimate of the trees that were burned is about 10,000 roots. Here we try to rebuild our lives from scratch, because there shall come the next generations and this is the history of our land."

Moreover, Irini Konstantopoulou, Vikos SA Corporate & Technology Marketing Manager, explains the content of the action of this year. "On the occasion of World Earth Day, we are here, offering 1,000 trees in the communities of Kotsikia and Rovies, to farmers who have suffered extensive damage from the fires of 2021, because at Vikos, we value the environmental well-being and its protection."