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Panhellenic Special Olympic Games Medals of optimism at "Loutraki 2022"

Πανελλήνιοι Αγώνες Special Olympics - Μετάλλια αισιοδοξίας στο «Λουτράκι 2022»

Five days, seven sports, a thousand athletes. A world of love and everyone is the winner!

We were involved in a great athletic event, which set a record of participation both on the part of athletes with intellectual disabilities, who were dynamically present, and in terms of the enthusiastic people who attended the games. We contributed in different ways, as silver sponsors of the races and as exclusive sponsors of natural mineral water and natural mineral soft drinks. A small offer in contrast to what each athlete has generously given us in this five-day celebration of strength and optimism.

We watched the soul of athletes rising to the podium, emotion dominating and love being the winner in all sports.

At the Panhellenic Special Olympic Games "Loutraki 2022", in the Sport Camp facilities, approximately a thousand athletes with intellectual disabilities competed in seven sports (swimming, bocce, football, table tennis - ping-pong), deploying their talents and skills. Next to them, parents, coaches, supporters, volunteers, and spectators all together united taking valuable lessons of solidarity.

Along with the racing events, the program involved various activities, the Unified Youth Festival among others, where students without disabilities and Special Olympics athletes, as a single team, spent moments of fun and relaxation, sending a strong message of union and friendship.

Respect, teamwork, and solidarity were undoubtedly the stars in all races, the medal of "Fair Play" being awarded to all athletes without any exception.

Our participation in the Panhellenic Special Olympic Games "Loutraki 2022" was an experience that reflects everything we stand for. Inclusion, the deep civility of culture and sport, the universal value of volunteering as well as the love for the environment.

These races shall remain to remind us that the "environment" involves all people and everything around us. Together, united, we conquer new capacities, spread our wings, and create our own unique ecosystem of inclusion and respect.