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Sparkling natural mineral water

Indulge in an intense experience and a superior taste, enhanced by the addition of carbon dioxide.


We capture the essence of nature, amplify its intensity, and craft an unparalleled experience

We infuse our natural mineral water with carbon dioxide right at its source—the pristine Vikos spring, within the protected region of Zagorochoria. This is how we create a distinctive and invigorating taste, elegantly presented in our beautifully crafted glass bottle. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or elevating an ordinary moment, Vikos Spark is your premier choice.

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Expiration Date: 10/01/23









Key features

Rich in trace elements and minerals.

Vikos natural mineral water contains essential minerals and trace elements, like calcium and magnesium, which are vital for the body's optimal functioning.

Suitable for a low sodium diet

Suitable for a wide range of individuals, Vikos natural mineral water aligns with the contemporary health trend for reduced salt intake.

With low salt content

Vikos natural mineral water strikes the perfect balance: it has a low salt content, yet contains sufficient calcium to gain a distinctively pleasant taste.

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At Epirotic Bottling Industry S.A., we are committed to bottling natural mineral water and producing products of the highest quality, while also promoting sustainability and supporting local communities. We take pride in our contribution to building a greener planet and in our dedication to local initiatives, that catalyze the improvement of the world around us.

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