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Table water cooler YL1674T (Inox)

The absolute synergy of elegance and functionality, featuring a compact design.
table water cooler with pet recyclable bottles

Cooler YL1674T

The perfect solution, tailored to every setting

Crafted from premium inox material, our table cooler, YL1674T (inox), pairs elegance with modern design within its compact structure, seamlessly fitting into any space. It has the capacity to dispense hot, cold and room-temperature water. Furnished with dual faucets, distinct on-off switches for hot and cold water, plus an adjustable thermostat, it guarantees absolute convenience and comfort.

Additionally, it features a large, permanent tank, ensuring the natural mineral water within the cooler preserves its unique physicochemical composition and nutritional properties up until the point of consumption.


Weight: 12kg


Dimensions: 31x34x50


Tank capacity: 2L of cold water & 1L of hot water


Color: Black with stainless steel parts


Energy consumption: 120W in coldgeneration& 420W in hotgeneration


Certifications: CE, all construction materials are certified for their quality


Warranty: Full 1-year warranty



  • Swift response and service even to the most remote areas
  • Dependable technical support and maintenance
  • Widespread partner network



Our bottle

Made of PET material, maintaining the water's natural integrity

Our 10L Vikos natural mineral water bottles are crafted from high-quality PET material, which is renowned for its superior ability to preserve water's inherent properties.

Moreover, these bottles are single-use and non-returnable, ensuring optimal water quality and eliminating the cost of storing empty bottles.


  • Environment-friendly shipping cartons
  • Durable and recyclable bottles

5 additional reasons to choose Vikos water coolers

Effortless Handling

The lightweight design of our 10.15L bottle facilitates its transportation and its placement on the cooler.

Energy Efficient

The permanent tank ensures substantial energy savings while maintaining efficient production of cold and hot water.

Versatile Ergonomics

The coolers' convenient dimensions make them a perfect fit for both personal and professional settings.

Compact Storage

The design of our bottle cartons facilitates easy stacking, requiring minimal storage space.

Natural Hydration

Regular consumption of natural mineral water supports overall health and optimal bodily functions.

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